Danijel & Sila
Everything begins in the fog and flashlight of an Afterhour. 
You meet a person that seems trusted for a long time and it takes its run.... Danijel amazed from the music and this special club atmosphere felt instantly attached, as if he was at home. 
Since then he dreamed of it being himself, that was in front of the crowd making them go crazy! This dream started to get concrete when he got the chance to mix his first tracks. 
The fire was ignited, the time ripe for the encounter....
Sila had only listened to music till then, however, her passion to dance was like a hidden message. Danijel, completely intoxicated, convinced her to experiment a little with a mixer. 
An unbelievable harmony between two hearts and a common melody originated. Two months later they aquired two Technics SL-1200 MK2 and the records were turned countless times during the nights . They soon got themselves a laptop with time code and the opportunities seemed boundless. They felt like they were on a playground in front of all these buttons and faders and by fooling around they developed their individual music style. 
The track assortment became more consistent and also their mixing-technique grew more and more fluent. This charming duet, creating deep electronic symphonies, sets inexorably a fire up to everybody. After they proved their skills in most of Colognes clubs like: Artheater, Kunstpark and Touch Club (thanks to the complete cologne-techno-crowd for this chance) the time is to be kicked from the shade and into the light. 
Since then, they have found out their true passion in music and have continued to build on their skills and the name they’ve worked so hard to build.


Danijel & Sila

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